Poultry produced by the Company comes from top-class parent flocks and our own poultry hatching plants, where breeding, slaughtering and processing are carried out under constant veterinary supervision, maintaining very high technological standards. We work only with trusted poultry producers with the appropriate breeding certificates. Before their meat finds its way to the tables of our customers, it is subjected to a series of tests, followed by specialized, procedure-compliant processing.

AMI has more than 100 products in its offer, which satisfy the tastes of even the most discriminating customers. The breadth of the product range ensures that we meet the culinary needs of customers from different market segments. Despite this, the technology department is constantly working on new products. The extraordinary taste of our cold cuts is also due to the proper selection of raw materials. In order to more clearly emphasize some of the qualities of our cold cuts, we have created our own brands, such as TRENTO, which are becoming increasingly popular.

Produkte „convenience food“, für Kunden, die wenig Zeit haben HervorraConvenience food products , made for customers who value time. Excellent taste , many serving options will satisfy every customer. From these products you can prepare a full meal. Unexpected guests will no longer be surprised, as you can prepare a meal for an exquisite dinner in a few minutes. The offer is also intended for customers of the HoReCa channel. The offer includes fixed and variable weight products, in fresh as well as frozen form.

A new line of dishes for direct baking or heating in a package. A range of products aimed at people who value the time involved in preparing a meal as well as those who appreciate the aesthetic and taste qualities of dishes. Innovative packaging allows you to easily prepare a great dish with a minimum of effort and time. It is enough to purchase the product, remove the tray from the wrapper and put it in the oven (or microwave) preheated to 200 °C (with thermo-circulation) for a few or several minutes according to the information on the package. The closed tray under the influence of temperature will automatically open. The partially open tray during the baking process gives the product a specific taste, as well as softness and juiciness. With GOURMET ENTE, everyone is a master in the kitchen.